Now you've done it! You've gotta make me angry, and things get really ugly when I get angry!
~ AncientVolcanomon

AncientVolcanomon is one of the antagonists and the third villain in the anime, Digimon Fusion.


As AncientVolcanomon

AncientVolcanomon is a Mega Class Digimon that resembles a volcano with arms, muscles, feet, and a head. Whenever he gets angry, the volcano on his back erupts and his face turns red. He can be cooled down by Frigimon.

As Fused AncientVolcanomon

In this Form, AncientVolcanomon absorbed an army of RedMeramon. Because of this, AncientVolcanomon's body rotates where the volcano on his back in now on his chest, and his arms and legs are engulfed in fire.

Digimon Fusion


Fused AncientVolcamon.

AncientVolcanomon first appeared guarding the Magma Zone. After Shoutmon X4 (as X3) beated SkullMeramon, AncientVolcanomon arrived on the scene. Mikey had no choice but to give him his Fusion Loader (which was a phony one) in order to stop him from blowing his top. Realizing he was tricked, AncientVolcanomon confronts the Fusion Fighters and attacks Shoutmon X2. During the battle with AncientVolcanomon, Shoutmon X4 got an idea and plugged AncientVolcanomon's top with a cork, causing him to overfill and apparently destroying him.

Unfortunately, however, AncientVolcanomon survived and returned when Tactimon arrived in the Magma Zone. After SkullMeramon and BlueMeramon were destroyed, AncientVolcanomon sent his Red Meramon army to attack the Fusion Fighters, and got defeated easily, and AncientVolcanomon absorbed them to become his Fused form. AncientVolcanomon then tried to kill Dorulumon, but Taiki saved Dorulumon's life by summoning a Garurumon DigiMemory, and blocked off AncientVolcanomon's attack with his Fox Fire. Then Soutmon, Ballistamon, and Dorulumon Fused into Shoutmon X4 (as X3) and defeats AncientVolcanomon for good with his Victorize Boomerang attack.

Other forms

  • Fused AncientVolcanomon

Members of AncientVolcanomon Army


  • Lavalanche
  • Big Bang Boom
  • Supernova

As Fused AncientVolcanomon

  • Super Big Bang Fire


  • AncientVolcanomon's prievous Digimon form is Meteormon.