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The Ancestral Witches (alternatively known as the Ancestresses or the Three Ancient Witches) are a trio of three witches of antiquity. They are the absolute creatures of Evil. They completely destroyed Domino while attempting to acquire the Dragon Flame.

They killed Daphne during the attack on Domino when she saved Bloomfromtheirwrath. In the French novel adaptation of the movie, their names are stated to be Belladona, Lysslis, and Tharma, and their birthplace is said to be the Realm of Obsidian. The witches are the creator of Valtor and the cause of all the trouble. It is true that they destroyed Domino, they were also sent to the omega dimension. They are the Winx girls worst enemies. It is unknown if they will appear in season five as the the second winx movie indicates they were destroyed by the Winx.

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