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Anais Boutin

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Anais Boutin is one of the antagonist of the québecoise serie Une Grenade avec Ça?.


Assistant Manager and employee of the month most of the time, she is also an employee who has been referred to more often than not often. Anais is the boot-licking chief patron, recognized as the evil group. She will do anything to please Mr. Pitre (as an employee or report to clean or replace someone) and is not afraid to expose employees late or disobeying a single regulation. But she can, at times, to be nice and helpful (especially in the most recent episodes).

Anais never had a real boyfriend and his mother has a long history of being a player, smoker and compulsive thief. Lately, she has fallen in love with Jonathan (Tché), but he left because of his authority. He then fell in love with Sonia, with whom he had an affair two days. She has been executive director of the city with Mr. Pitre, but it is made by firing it at his dismissal. Then returned to assistant manager, it all went wrong for some time after she was expelled from her home by her mother and she was also returned by Danny. During this period, she became addicted to chocolate (Former season). Once she knew that Tché would sell the restaurant, she hurried to bring his candidacy but Tché has decided to sell the restaurant to Danny. Anais was very discouraged! We learned that she lives in the apartment next to one of the guys. In the last episode of season six she was chosen to be part of a trip into space with the Big Ben Creighton, founder of the restaurant chain. Unfortunately, during takeoff, the shuttle suffered heavy turbulence and lost contact with Earth. She's alive, they said in the episode. At the end of the seventh season, she became a manager.

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