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Anacrothe is one of the villains from Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain.


Anacrothe was the guardian of the Pillar of States. He had a high knowledge about chemicals and could change the states of matter at will. His experiences weren't always successful, as one of these left his face scarred. When he was corrupted by Nupraptor's attack at the Circle, he became insane and, along with Bane and DeJoule, they created the Dark Eden, from where they started a plot to twist the land.

With their combined powers, they created a massive energy that steamed from the apex of the structure, creating a dome around it that started spreading through the landscape, leaving behind only a bizarre and twisted parody. Anacrothe's powers turned the soil within the dome into hot lava. Kain, after meeting with the vampire Vorador, proceeded to the Dark Eden to kill the corrupted guardians. He finally meets the three guardians inside the place, but Anacrothe runs away and summons Malek to help them.

Much time later, when Kain travels to the Pillars of Nosgoth after killing Moebius, he finds Anacrothe arguing with Mortanius. Anacrothe thinks Mortanius betrayed the Circle when he ordered Kain's death and sent him to kill them. The two have a brief fight, but Mortanius easily overpowers Anacrothe, killing him by breaking his spine.


(12)LoK Blood Omen - Mortanius at the Pillars01:31

(12)LoK Blood Omen - Mortanius at the Pillars

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