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The Amazonian Giant Anacondas (simply called Anacondas) are hostile species (where two of them appeared as main villain) that featured in 1997's horror-adventure movie Anaconda. There are two giant species of anaconda that, in the film, chase the protagonists.


As in many other films treating animal killers, this species of snake has physical and behavioral characteristics very different from the animal actually exists. To begin with, the size of the snake are far superior to those of the true anaconda (in the film can measure very over 30 feet in length while the measures of their real-life counterparts rarely go beyond 20 feet), and are equipped with a strength and resistance allowing it to swallow prey in no time, and even vomit lightning crawl and swim with a full stomach (actually the anaconda taking forever to swallow and regurgitate the prey, and can not move after the meal because of the slowness of the above). Besides that, the anaconda of the film are able to move at lightning speed, which allows it to catch and kill the prey with ease.


The animal is also described as a merciless creature and endowed with great intelligence seem to kill and eat for the pure fun of it, sometimes swallow their prey without waiting to be completely dead by suffocation among their coils, and come to vomit the prey just eaten apparently just for the sake of killing even if nearby there are other living beings.

In the film

The first anaconda appears at the beginning of the film, even without seeing each other. Attacks a poacher whose boat was stranded in a remote tropical forest, in the waters of the Amazon, destroying the ship and chasing the terrified man up to the top of the mast, forcing him to shoot himself in the head, not to die crushed between its coils.

Later, a television crew up the river to make a documentary on a local indigenous tribe. The group joins Paul Serone, a fanatical and ruthless snake hunter, willing to capture an anaconda alive to sell it on the black market and overcharged a large sum of money.

The anaconda, after killing a black jaguar, is targeting the group. The first to be killed is Mateo, captain of the boat is traveling on the crew, approached the boat attacked early in the film by the anaconda, that breaks his neck with a bite. The next day Serone convinces Gary Dixon, the sound engineer of the crew to help him catch the snake, using as bait a monkey just killed, and forced by the threat of a gun the group to take part in the capture of the monster. The operation ends in tragedy, because Gary is killed and devoured by the anaconda. The next day, the anaconda attacks the boat, killing the documentary host Warren Westridge and trying to crush the cameraman Danny Rich, but is gunned down by Terri Flores, the director of the group.

Soon after Terri and Danny are caught by Serone, who is angered over the killing of the snake, takes them to an abandoned warehouse and uses them as bait to attract another, pouring on them the blood of monkeys. This attracts the second anaconda, which is preparing to kill the two boys, and is now locked in a net by Serone, which then tries to sleep the reptile with a rifle projectile sedative. His attempt to hit him but fails, and the anaconda pounced on him, breaking several bones in her coils and swallowing it alive. The monster then turns his attentions on Terri and Danny. The snake attacks the director, regurgitating the still twitching Serone and pursuing her inside a chimney. Danny, after having immobilized the creature spearing its tail with an ice ax, sets fire to the local causing an explosion that overwhelms the giant serpent, which plunges into the river and is presumed dead by the two survivors. When Terri and Danny believe they are now safe, the anaconda emerges from the waters of the river attacking Terri again, but Danny manages to kill him once and for all, breaking her head with a hatchet.

Known Anacondas

First Anaconda


The First Anaconda

The first anaconda has scales emerald green, with orange streaks running along the sides from the tip of the tail to the eyes, which are yellow-green. It may the one that tries to kill a poacher, only for the poacher himself commit suicide in front of it. It managed to devoured Gary and Mateo, but when tries to devour Warren, it lost Warren's corpse due to fall from the waterfall. Still hungry, it decided to coils Danny instead, only to be shot by Terry with a rifle on the head which the shot causes complete destruction on it's brain, killing it.

Second Anaconda


Second giant anaconda, and the last to be killed by surviving protagonists.

The second anaconda is apparently longer, has black scales, streaks similar to those of the snake but red and reddish eyes. It was attracted by Terri and Danny whom smeared with monkey's blood by Serone whom used them as trap. When the trap fails and Terri and Danny managed to untie themselves, it angrily chases Serone and devour him just as Danny set makeshift explosive with barrel full of oil to killed it. It chases Terri and when had little advantage due to digesting Serone, it decided to sadistically vomit the poacher on Terri before resuming the chase, only for Terri managed to escape the trap while the resulting explosion burn it alive and crippled in process due to severe burns. In spite of the injuries, the anaconda tries to kill Terri and is angrier than ever. Unfortunately, it began to dying just as Danny slammed an axe to it's head several times until it's brain heavily damaged, which instantly killed it.


  1. Poacher - Eaten by Anaconda
  2. Mateo - Eaten by Anaconda
  3. Monkey - Eaten by Anaconda
  4. Gary Dixon - Eaten by Anaconda
  5. Warren Westridge - Eaten by Anaconda
  6. Denise Kalberg - Eaten by Anaconda
  7. Paul Serone - Eaten by Anaconda


  • The giant anacondas may also inspired by reports about giant anacondas aside regular anacondas in real life.

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