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Ana was a minor villain in Duke Nukem: Glorious Bastard.


Ana was a Vrilerinnen who served as one of Maria's subordinates. Duke Nukem thought she was a "cosmic MILF and then some." When Duke Nukem and his allies stormed the Nazi base on Rügen Island, Talina suggested they escape. After her suggestion was seconded by Daniel, four of the five Vrilerinnen got aboard their flying saucer and attempted to leave. Only Maria remained behind to confront Duke, and she was killed by French Resistance member Elise Plewmann. Ana and her fellow Vrilerinnen didn't get very far, though. Determined not to let them escape, Major-General Conner Sean had boarded the ship and used a pair of grenades in either hand to blow up himself and the bridge, and the Vrilerinnen with it. The now pilotless ship burned up in midair and then crashed and exploded.

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