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Amy Hughes is the main antagonist in Season 1 of the television series Dead of Summer.

She is portrayed by Elizabeth Lail.

Amy is revealed to be the camp murderer in the mask.


Amy's friend Margot convinced her to join her in being a counselor at Camp Stillwater. However, after finding out that there was only one position, Amy pushed Margot from a window so that she could get the job. Fooling everyone into thinking she fell. Once at camp, Amy began murdering fellow counselors and staff members, while donning a mask and robe, and continuing to fool everyone.


  • Father
  • Mother
  • Brother
  • Margot Tate - Pushed from window
  • Dave - Drowned
  • Jason "Blotter" Cohen - Dismembered
  • Carolina "Cricket" Diaz - Pushed into bear trap
  • Joel Goodson
  • Deb Carpenter
  • Garrett Sykes
  • Alex Powell



  • Amy was believed to be the main protagonist of the series and the tradition "Final Girl" until it was revealed that she was the one committing the murders all along.
  • Amy wears a costume like the cultists.

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