Amy & May

Amy the doll with her creator and best friend, May.

You're gonna look perfect.
~ May to Amy.

Amy is a living doll created by the lonely May Dove Canady only to be her best friend, and she only appears at the end of the 2002 horror movie "May".

Her design is based on May's old birthday present, a doll named Suzie.


Since May can't find a friend, she decided to "make" a friend of her own. That friend is Amy, a Frankenstein-esque life-sized rag doll made from Blank's arms, Polly's neck, Adam's hands, Ambrosia's legs, Hoop's ears, and Lupe's fur to substitute for hair. The head and torso are different scraps of fabric stitched together and stuffed.

Once the macabre doll is finished, May realizes that Amy can't see her. In a rush of misery, May gouges out her right eye, the lazy one, with the scissors. Crying in pain and bleeding, she puts her eye on Amy's head and begs the doll to look at her. A dying May sees her friend come to life and touch her face lovingly with Adam's treasured hands. May smiles in the end.