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The Amusement Park Snakes are the subject of an urban legend concerning a carnival, amusement park, or fairground. A child goes for a ride, which can be a log flume, tunnel of love, roller coaster, or merry-go-round. If on the log flume or tunnel of love, they will start to trail their arms in the water. About halfway through the ride, the child will start to complain of sharp pains in their arms or legs. However, nothing is done.

By the time the ride is over, the child is discovered to be dead. As authorities and the child's parents try to figure out what happened, they make the discovery that the kid was killed by snake bites. With the log flume or tunnel of love scenarios, water snakes are discovered living in the ride. With the roller coaster and merry-go-round, the offending snake or snakes is found on the floor of the coaster car or inside the hollow wooden merry-go-round horse.

In the later scenarios, the snakes are explained to have gotten in the ride either during winter storage, or during manufacturing in a foreign country. Occasionally, the story will be set not in an amusement park ride, but in a ball pit at a fast-food restaurant.