Amshel Goldsmith is the secondary antagonist in the anime series Blood+. He is Diva's lead chevalier and the one responsible for turning her into the bloodthirsty monster she is now, making him responsible for the events of the series.

He is voiced by Jouji Nakata in the Japanese version and Wally Wingert in the English version, the latter of whom also voices Renji Abarai.


Amshel is responsible for Diva being she way she is through the horrific experiments he performs on her. She eventually turns him into a chevalier. After his research partner Joel I's death, Amshel continues the research of chiropterans and chevaliers. During the Russian Revolution, Amshel brings his relative Solomon for Diva to turn into a chevalier. He kills Solomon to resurrect him with Diva's blood. When Diva approaches hibernation and Saya follows her trail to a Russian village, Amshel escapes taking Diva with him in a carriage.

Knowing that Saya intends to fight Diva, Amshel disguises himself as Diva in order to hold Saya off until Diva's song ends. Hagi engages to a battle with him, when they find out the real Diva is out singing. Before fighting, Amshel removes his ring, to which he had claimed was a family heirloom and that he never takes off, and places it between a mannequin's breasts before turning into his chiropteran form . During the fight with Hagi in the skies of New York City, Amshel is impaled on the Chrysler Building and struck by lightning. He was presumed dead, but reappears in a half human-half chiropteran form, intent on taking Diva's newborn daughters. Hagi stabs him with Saya's blood-covered sword, crystallizing him, moments before the opera house collapses on top of them both.


Amshel is a truly evil character with twisted ambitions of experimenting to satisfy his scientific curiosities. He can go to any extent to reach his goal. Diva is nothing but an experimental object to him. He refers to Diva as his "little treasure", later revealing that he was completely obsessed with Diva, which he feels is the "ultimate form" of love for her. He once tells Saya that he wished she hadn't freed Diva because then Diva would still be his and his alone.

Despite referring to his fellow chevaliers as his brothers, he seems unaffected when Karl dies and grows increasingly disgusted with Solomon's love for Saya and orders his execution. He also ordered the death of Diva's third chevalier, Martin Bormann, who is only seen in photograph form in the series.