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Amrok is the secondary antagonist of Zarafa.


Serving as Moreno's hench-dog, Amrok is a brutish hound who serves his master, who sics him on slaves who escape his grasp.

The film begins when Maki runs away from a slave camp to find his lost father. Moreno sends Amrok after him. Amrok chases the boy, who hides in a hole formed in the ground next to a baobab tree. Maki manages to escape and Moreno takes the fierce dog with him, telling him that they'll hunt down the boy the next day.

Throughout Maki's adventure, Amrok continues to search for Maki. When Moreno succeeds in capturing him, Amrok guards the boy. Luckily, Maki finds his friend Soula and they escape just as Amrok chases them. When Maki realizes he has to let Zarafa the giraffe go and help Soula, Moreno and Amrok ambush them. Maki and Soula escape and after he is outwitted and turns against his master, Amrok's fate is unknown.

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