Many thanks for rekindling the flame of my existence.
~ Amok Mon-Ra

Amok Mon-Ra (sometimes spelled "Amok Mon Ra" and errronously called "Amok Mongra") is a very powerful ancient demonic being who is said to be malevolence incarnate and therefore completely unreasonable, and he is the main antagonist of the episode "Hero With A Thousand Feathers" of the Aladdin animated TV series.





  • He is voiced by legendary Tim Curry who also voiced another Aladdin villain Caliph Kapok.
  • Despite claiming to be malevolence incarnate that role is far more associated with Mirage in the Aladdin universe.
  • his actions and goals are similar to the Beast of Christian theology, being a monstrous demon who seeks to enslave humanity and be worshiped as a god in the process.