Amerigo Vespinachio

Amerigo Vespinachio is the leader of the "Spinach Armada", who travel the world forcing people to eat Spinach under the orders of the King of Spinachia. In Operation: S.P.I.N.A.C.H., they invade Gallaghar Elementry School and force feed spinach to the kids there. NUmbuh 2 ends up joining them, as he actually likes their spinach (although he appears to be at least partially brainwashed), but comes to his senses when he realizes they are forcing people to eat spinach against their will and defeats the Amerigo and his minions. At the end, he says that even he does not actually like spinach and is just enforcing the king's laws. His name is a pun on Amerigo Vesspuci, the explorer whom America is named after. He was voiced by Dave Wittenberg.