Americon Initiative (or simply The Initiative) is a terrorist group that appears in Revenge: The masterminds behind the Flight 197 incident. They are the unseen Bigger Bads in Season 1 and the most prominent villains of Season 2, being ultimately responsible for much of the misfortune brought on to Emily and her father.

As revealed by Conrad Grayson in "Truth Part 2", the group's name is only a cover carry out acts of terrorism and then proceed to pin the blame on various patsies.


The group received some assistance from Conrad Grayson, who Gordon Murphy put a hit on him. As a result of the bombing, the FAA granted billions in security contracts with private companies whose stocks quadrupled in value, allowing the Initiative to cash in.

The Initiative blow up Victoria Grayson's private plane to silence her and destroy the evidence she was planning on handing over to the authorities. They follow this up with an explosion of the building Grayson Global, having only one casualty this time: Declan Porter. This time, they planned on making Aiden Mathis take the fall for it, as what triggered the blackout was the clearing of the Graysons' bank account with Aiden's authorization. They saw an opportunity, however, and managed to pin the blame on Nolan instead. Nolan installed a fail-safe identified and exposed all members of the Initiative to the authorities, securing his release. During Season 3, it is mentioned that the entire organization of the Initiative have been dismantled and/or imprisoned


  • The Initiative are arguably the true main antagonists of the series, since they're more evil than the Graysons, and the Graysons answer to them anyway.