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No, it's absolutely perfect.
~ Amber
Oh you gotta see this. When people see me, people are gonna freak.
~ Amber examining herself in the mirror.

Amber Whitmire is the cold, arrogant classmate of Vic de Phillipe, the school bully and tertiary antagonist of Casper, and a recurring antagonist in The Spooktacular New Adventures of Casper.

She is portrayed by Jessica Wesson.


Amber is Kat Harvey's main rival. She is jealous of the attention her classmate has.  She is defeated when she is standing on top of Vic DePhilippi in a costume stack, and when Vic finds the sack "cool," the Ghostly Trio "thanks" them, and they terrifyingly scream and try to run out of the manor, but Amber trips on some lights and falls to the floor in the sack, but Vic drags her along, ruining the prank for good.


Along with Vic de Phillipe, she is one of the main antagonists of the movie. Amber is considered to be a bully with Vic as well because of how she is very impatient with everyone, snaps at him to shut up when they break into Whipstaff Manor, and how she disrespects her classmates and how many of them are fearful of her and Vic.


Amber is seen riding her bike to Marshwood school when she almost hits Kat. She yells "Watch it!" and glares at her. Confused why her appearance would make people loathe her, Kat continues on and meets Vic, who smiles at her more welcomingly. Feeling heartened from this, Kat moves into school.

As Vic approaches Kat and helps her when she is having trouble with her locker, Amber eavesdrops as the two greet each other. Finally Amber is too jealous to let Vic get a possible girlfriend and she breaks the talk up. Vic is reluctant to leave but shrugs apologetically at Kat. Later in class, Amber is mocking Kat due to her name ("Meow") and her history as a possible troublemaker (Kat was taken out of four schools due to her paranormal psychologist father trying to find his wife's ghost) and Amber gets infuriated when the class move to have their Halloween party at Whipstaff manor, home of Kat, Casper and his uncles. Amber gets infuriated, and protests that her parents put in extra effort to get a boathouse fitted. Amber says they vote, and they out vote her by saying Whipstaff as the location. Now embittered, Amber stands up with Vic when the bell rings, but because Casper spied on Amber bullying Kat, he tied her shoelaces to Vic's (and also everyone else's together) which results in everyone falling over.

Afterwards, Amber proposes Vic to invite Kat to the dance, and he does, somewhat unwillingly, but he grows to like Kat and doesn't want to humiliate her. However, Amber encourages him to, by reminding him she'll be with him afterwards. Amber says her plan is just perfect.

At Halloween, Amber breaks into the Whipstaff manor by climbing in through the high windows with Vic at her side. Vic asks if they have to do this prank but Amber says he'll love it and also Kat wanted a Halloween party so desperately, well, she'll get one. Amber glances in the mirror and is thoroughly amused by how terrifying she will look to the other schoolkids, and she tells Vic he should see this and that people will freak when they see her. Vic asks to see and Amber lifts up her dress revealing Vic standing beneath. He grins evilly and says that she looks cool. However, the Ghostly Trio, the three uncles of Casper, pop up and laugh at them, causing Amber to have a mental breakdown, and Vic to scream in terror, losing his mind, and this causes Vic runs out of the attic, and into the main reception. However, he humiliates himself and Amber by running screaming and disorientated. He knocks Amber to the floor by running into some lights in his panic. She whacks her head on the floor, and screams more as she sees Vic dragging her out on her back.


Hey, watch it!
~ Amber narrowly runs Kat down on her bike.
Coming, Vic?
~ Amber eavesdrops on Vic and Kat
~ Amber teasing Kat over her name.
Hey, she wanted a Halloween party, she's gonna get a Halloween party!
~ Amber encouraging Vic to do her prank.
Keep still. Just shut up and keep your head down!
~ Amber to Vic when she's sitting on his shoulders.
Oh wow, you gotta see this. When people see this, people are gonna freak.
~ Amber's last words as a sane person, before being spooked by the Ghostly Trio.



  • Though Amber is a main villain in the TV show, in the movie, she is third in place behind Carrigan and Dibs.
  • Amber starts out as a calm nihilist, yet she ends up as a believer in ghosts though at the cost of her sanity.
  • Amber starts out as a calm sociopathic bully, yet her crimes escalate into trespass and possible vandalism when she breaks into Kat's house.
  • Amber, being a lustful coward, always seems to have numerous mishaps in which she falls over in the film - the first being when Casper ties up her shoelaces with Vic's and they both trip over backwards. The second one is of course when she is about to humiliate Kat but then the Ghostly Trio appear and scare them; meaning when Vic rushes out in fear with no concern over Amber, she can't help but whack herself on the decorating lights which cause her to fall down and smack her head on the floor.
  • The mirror that Amber carried out her evil plan in was the same mirror that Kat admired herself in; however Kat was trusted by the Ghostly Trio and Amber was seen as a potential threat because she'd reveal their existence.
  • Amber is also very similar to Molly Garfunkel because they are both extremely lustful and narcissitic and they both want to remain the cool kids.
  • Amber has a slightly tragic side to her because at the beginning of the film she had everything, and was in a romantic relationship with Vic, but when Kat arrived Amber lost everything including her pride.
  • Amber treated Vic the same way that Carrigan treated Dibs. Proving that she had no values for anyone and was only out to humiliate Kat. She obviously viewed Vic as a disposable pawn in her plans. Evidence for this is:
    • She eavesdropped on Vic and Kat and she only interrupted out of fear Vic would accidentally reveal their plan to humiliate Kat.
    • Amber was ruthless with Vic, ordering him about, putting him in uncomfortable situations (ie asking out Kat) with no remorse, and she told him to "Shut up and keep your head down" when they broke into the attic, showing she had no true friendship with him and was only using him to further her plan.
    • Amber is a clear sociopath, also, so she has no real concept of friends or values.
  • Amber is based on Chris Hargensen, because both of them are blonde lustful bullies and hate the protagonists (Amber hates Kat and Chris hates Carrie) and both of them will go to any lengths and humiliate the protagonists yet they end up humiliated. Both Amber and Chris have male partners who are also bullies and manipulate the protagonists.
    • Kat mentions Stephen King as one of Maine's attractions, making this an in-joke.
  • Amber is very similar to Frank Grimes, Jr. as she is
    • A rival at school/work, thus loathing the protagonist immediately on sight
    • Does her best to outdo the protagonist yet ends up humiliated
    • Hates the protagonist for no clear reason and desires to reveal them as a fool
    • Is a clear sociopath and ignores all the protagonist's attempts to be reasonable with them
  • Kat is friends with the Ghostly Trio after a fashion, as is her father. However, Amber barely lingered around the ghosts as soon as she saw them, being too scared and losing her sanity. Furthermore, the ghosts burst through her chest, further frightening her.
  • Aside from looking similar, Amber is similar to Madison Bell:
    • Both are sociopathic bullies.
    • Both have no concept of values.
    • Both are spoiled brats.
    • Both escalate their crimes from mere bullying to trespass and possible vandalism.
    • Both are emotionless until the end when they lose their sanity.
  • Amber is also similar to Liz Dunne:
    • Both engage in petty crimes.
    • Both are emotionless until everything is lost.
    • Both plot and scheme with their friends.