Amber Rodriguez

Amber Rodriguez is a villainous professional wrestler competing on the independent circuit. Among other promotions, Amber is best known for competing at Maryland Championship Wrestling, where she held the MCW Women's Championship.

Amber debuted for MCW in 2013 as a babyface, only to become a villainess while pursuing the MCW Women's Championship. Amber failed to dethrone Renee Michelle as champion, but at A Tribute To Legends, Amber defeated Renee to capture the title. During her run as champion, Amber feuded with various women on the roster, including WWE alum Mickie James.

Amber lost the championship at the Ladies' Night event on June 19, 2015 to Mickie James; in a main event match that featured Lisa Marie Varon as the referee and Melina as the enforcer. During the match, Amber's henchmen attempted to get involved, only for Melina to appear and eject them from ringside. Melina became a villainess and attacked Mickie to help Amber, but Varon attacked Melina and ejected her, leading to Amber's title loss. After failing to regain the title, the evil Amber interfered in Mickie's title match against Kimber Lee, causing Mickie to lose the title. The feud ended when Amber lost a Loser Leaves MCW match to Mickie.

During her run in MCW, Amber appeared as a villainess at WSU's 8th Anniversary Show in 2015, filling in for the absent Amanda Rodriguez as part of The Office with Sassy Stephie and Mademoiselle Rachelle.