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Aqua Admin Amber

(Japanese: シズク Shizuku) is one of the Aqua Admins of Team Aqua in the Pokémon Adventures manga.


Amber first appears in Lombre Larceny along with his fellow Team Aqua members, Shelly and Matt, where they plot to kidnap Mr. Stone. They disguise themselves as staff personnel and trap his Castform in a fountain, and were going to take him away and steal his Devon Goods when he wasn't looking. Their plan goes perfectly until Sapphire arrives to the scene and rescues Mr. Stone's Castform from the fountain, thus forcing them to kidnap him publicly when they originally wanted to do it in secrecy. They manage to steal the goods and escape to the Petalburg Woods, with Sapphire, Gabby, and Ty chasing them. There, they battle Sapphire and manage to overpower her, forcing her to escape and leave the goods.

For their success in stealing the Devon Goods, Amber, Shelly, and Matt are promoted to Admin status by their leader, Archie. Still, he reminds them of their failure in silencing Sapphire, Ty, and Gabby, the three people who saw their faces during the mission.

Amber next appears at Mt. Chimney, where he and Shelly overhear Gym Leader Flannery shouting out her acceptance of Sapphire's Gym Challenge. Assuming Flannery knows something about Sapphire, Amber and Shelly attack and kidnap Flannery, forcing her to tell them what she knows about Sapphire. After getting the info they need, they give her to Matt so that he can lure Sapphire out with Flannery as a hostage. With Matt holding Flannery captive and Shelly doing her liaison duties by acting as a good guy in order to fool Professor Cozmo, Amber sets up the machine that will stop the volcanic activity of Mt. Chimney. When Matt returns on the cable car defeated from his battle with Sapphire, Amber realizes that Sapphire and Flannery are on the way to stop them from killing the volcano. He stays behind to stall for time while Shelly and Cozmo use the machine to stop the volcanic activity. After a long battle, he manages to stall long enough for their plans to come to fruition. No longer needed at the scene, he and the other Team Aqua members escape with Amber's Carvanha's Secret Power, taking with them Professor Cozmo as a hostage.

Later, when Team Magma and Team Aqua briefly join forces to journey to the bottom of the sea in the Submarine Explorer 1, Archie chooses Amber to accompany him to the Seafloor Cavern instead of Matt, because of Matt's failure at Mt. Chimney.

During the battle between Groudon and Kyogre, Amber sets out to discover why Groudon is continuing to move throughout Hoenn while Kyogre has suddenly stopped moving. He sneaks to the location where Maxie and Tabitha are controlling Groudon and Kyogre and finds out about the existence of the two orbs that control them. He battles Tabitha for the Blue Orb in the Submarine, managing to steal it from him with his Volbeat's Trick, and gives it to Archie. Despite his hard work, Archie coldly locks the both of them in the Submarine and activates it, sending it to the bottom of the sea without the Submarine's heart that allows it to resist the water pressure. While they sink, the Submarine breaks apart from the water pressure, and Amber and Tabitha try to stop the water from flowing inside while trying to get it to float back to the surface. Despite their best efforts, the submarine's shell eventually breaks and the water starts flowing inside. Amber falls unconscious but Tabitha manages to save them both from drowning by swimming upwards. They are then rescued by Blaise's Armaldo.

Amber later wakes up on top of the wreckage of the Submarine Explorer 1 and worries about when his leader betrayed him, but shrugs it off as him mistaking Archie's words and sets off to help his fellow Aqua Admins battle the Gym Leaders. He later battles Wattson and his Manectric with his own Pelipper, but Manectric manages to defeat his Pelipper. With no Pokémon to continue battling with, Amber borrows a Nincada from Shelly and evolves it into a Ninjask, which battles Wattson's Manectric. But like his Pelipper, it is defeated. However, he manages to defeat Wattson when he reveals that his Nincada did not evolve into one Pokémon, but two; he knocks Wattson out with his Shedinja, causing the Gym Leader and his Pokémon to fall off a rock and into the bottom of the ocean.

He is last seen hiding from Winona and Flannery, having secretly sent a Black Box to them to that shows the location of the Team Aqua Hideout. This suggests that his boss's actions have caused him to have change of heart.

Amber ORAS chapter

Amber in the Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire chapter

In the Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire chapter, Amber is seen returning to the Team Aqua Hideout in the garb of a Fisherman. He muses himself about why he keeps doing this despite Team Aqua's previous defeat, but is startled at the sudden appearance of his former teammates, Shelly and Matt. At first, he is overjoyed, but quickly realizes that they are illusions created by heat when he begins sweating. After attacking the illusions and making them disappear, Amber is approached by Blaise, who proposes that the both of them team up together. Amber is initially reluctant in teaming up, but Blaise reveals that the Red and Blue Orbs that were taken away from Hoenn are now being taken back. Blaise reveals that he intends on taking them from whoever currently possesses the Orbs so that Groudon and Kyogre can be awakened again. The idea of Team Aqua possibly reforming convinces Amber to join Blaise, but he is unaware that Blaise is truly after another secret Groudon and Kyogre possess: Primal Reversion.

Blaise takes Amber to the current location of Hoopa, a Mythical Pokémon that can summon things from its hoops. They attack Hoopa and use Blaise's illusions to manipulate Hoopa into taking Groudon and Kyogre out of their locations of slumber. With the two Pokémon awakened, they begin heading towards the Red and Blue Orbs. Amber and Blaise go ahead of them to find whoever has the Orbs. When they arrive, they are shocked to find that Archie and Maxie have returned and are the ones who have the Orbs.


  • Amber only appears in the Pokémon Adventures manga, a character created solely for the series. Similarly, Team Magma also has an Admin who is exclusive to the manga.

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