Ambassador Hell is a villain in the Japanese TV series Kamen Rider. He is the third and final Shocker commander.


After Kamen Rider Ichigo defeated Dr. Shinigami, Ambassador Hell was summoned from his Shocker branch in the United States, to take command of the Japanese Shocker branch. His weapon is a whip. He is able to become Garagaranda, a rattlesnake monster. In episode 79, Ambassador Hell captures Hongo's friends and traps them in sand. As Garagaranda, he can burrow underground, and backlash his enemies with his whip arm. While Taki frees Hongo's friends, Kamen Rider Ichigo defeats Garagaranda with Rider Kick, turning Ambassador Hell back to his human form. In severe pain, Hell screamed to Shocker's perseverance, and dies in a huge explosion. In Kamen Rider ZX, Badan Empire leader Ambassador Darkness was easily mistaken for Ambassador Hell.

He was recently revived to combat an opposing faction Nova Shocker while trying to release Alexander the Great Gamma Eyecon from the body of Tobei Tachibana's granddaughter, Mayu, to obtain its power. However, his faction is still overpowered by Shocker Nova's strength, leading him to make an uneasy alliance with the Kamen Riders Ghost, Specter, and a newly improved Kamen Rider 1. Though he still has unfinished business with Takeshi Hongo, Takeshi Hongo refused to fight him, due to his injuries caused by Urga Alexander, leaving Ambassador Hell dying quickly.

Other Appearances

  • Ambassador Hell was resurrected by Destron in Kamen Rider V3. He then gets killed when a Destron base self-destructed.
  • Ambassador Hell returns in Kamen Rider Decade: All Riders vs Dai-Shocker. He dons a new black armor. Like in the original show, he assumes his monster form Garagaranda. In the final battle, he was impaled by Kamen Riders Black RX and Kabuto, and defeated by Ichigo's and Nigo's Rider Double Kick. Garagaranda shouts out to Dai-Shocker's perseverance, and dies in an explosion.
  • In OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Rider!, Ambassador Hell also returns, as Garagaranda. He serves as a kajin soldier of 2011 Shocker.
Ambassador Hell Black Armor

Ambassador Hell, in his black armor, as he joins Dai-Shocker.

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