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The Amazon Trio

The Amazon Trio

The Amazon Trio (アマゾントリオ Amazon Torio) are a subset of members of the Dead Moon Circus, and they follow the threatening commands of Zirconia. They are Hawk's Eye, Fisheye and Tiger's Eye.

In the manga, they are created from animals from the circus by the Amazoness Quartet to destroy the Sailor Senshi. They each respectively target a relevant Sailor Senshi to kill. The only exception to this is Sailor Venus, who is targeted by Xenotime and Zeolite. They do not summon Lemures themselves, but are treated as Lemures.

In the anime, members of the trio summon lemures (spirits of the dead) from the shadows to assist them in various battles with the Sailor Senshi, mostly using them to fight their battles entirely for them. The Amazon Trio's job is to look into the Dream Mirrors of mortals, searching for the legendary and powerful Pegasus. Pegasus possesses the Golden Crystal which can free their leader, Queen Nehelenia, from her entrapment within a mirror and allow her to take over Earth. The Trio choose their victims by seducing various women and men, whether they be young or old, and attacking them while they are vulnerable.

Each Trio member removes his targets' dream mirrors in the same three step process. First he says "One" (in English), and a large red board with the Circus' logo raises from the ground behind his target. Second, he causes shackles to lock them to the board by saying "Two." Finally, by saying "Three," he forces the victim's dream mirror to appear from their chest. In one instance two members did it at the same time causing two boards to appear at the same time. In one episode the boards appear every time they say one, even when they did not want them to.

Rather than being killed by the Sailor Soldiers like in the manga, the Amazon Trio share a different fate in the anime. When Zirconia finally reveals to them their true natures (those of animals), Fisheye fears particularly of their fate and questions why they do not possess dream mirrors like humans. Fisheye's change in perspective was attributed to the kindness of Usagi after Fisheye was rejected by Mamoru and also with the discovery that Chibiusa was the holder of the Golden Dream Mirror, which housed the dream Pegasus (Helios) hid himself in. Fisheye's insolence nearly costs the life of the Amazon Trio, however, because Zirconia reads Fisheye's memory and mistakenly believes Usagi is the holder of the Golden Dream Mirror, Zirconia sends Hawk's Eye to steal the mirror. Fisheye and Tiger's Eye follow to stop Hawk's Eye while Zirconia plans to have the trio eliminated as soon as Usagi's mirror is revealed.

The Lemures sent by Zirconia shatters Usagi's dream mirror before Hawk's Eye has a chance to restore it to Usagi's body. Hawk's Eye ends up dying to protect Fisheye from an attack and gives him the power Zirconia granted him to stay human like so that they may finish off the Lemures. Fisheye and Tiger's Eye use the power to resurrect Usagi, realizing she is Sailor Moon, and also summon Chibiusa, believing that the pair are the only ones who can defeat the Lemures and avenge Hawk's Eye. Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon defeat the summoned Lemures, but is it too late for either of them to do anything for the Amazon Trio, who have reverted to their animal forms. Soon afterwards, Pegasus, summoned by Chibiusa, grants them dream mirrors, knowing that the trio have suffered greatly and have truly changed for the better. They cannot, however, retain their current forms as humans and are taken away by Pegasus to the Crystal Forest. As he places them within the forest, he promises that one day they will be reborn as the humans they wish to be, with their beautiful dreams intact.



  • The Amazon Trio sometimes referred to the Sailor Senshi as "pumpkins," a nickname which was kept in the English dub as well.
  • At 22 episodes, the Amazon Trio lasted the longest against the Sailor Scouts.
  • While they, like the Ayakashi Sisters, take it in turns (sometimes going more than one time in a row) to search people's dreams, Tiger's Eye took his turn six times in a row.

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