Amazon Killer is a Vader Clan field officer in Super Sentai who came from space.


Amazon Killer was a servant for Queen Hedrian and a member of Vader Clan. She arrived from space to serve Machine Empire Black Magma under Hedrian. She always was loyal to Hedrian, she even believed her when she said she had seen a Phantom.

When Queen Hedrian's curse was revealed Amazon Killer made a surgery plan to transplant a new artificial heart. However, Hedrian refused and thus, died. She offered to replace the Queen and kill Misa Arashiyama in her place as a sacrifice. She was stopped by Inazuma Ginga, who said she could be the queen of the machine empire, and he could domain Earth. She refused and decided to go and find the The Omnipotent God and destroy him so that she can become the ruler. She was forced to fight against the Sun Vulcan when they infiltrated the North Pole Base. She killed herself after teling the Sun Vulcan where the Omnipotent God was. She reappeared later on as a revived Phantom alongside Führer Hell Saturn and Queen Hedrian. They all disappeared when Chief Arashiyama killed Omnipotent God.


  • Although being part of Vader Clan, Denziman's enemies of the previous season, she only appeared in Sun Vulcan. Not even mentioned in Denziman.