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Amazing Rope Guy

The Amazing Rope Guy
is a villain on the education, PBS show, WordGirl. He wears a tight dark blue mask, tight rubber dark blue outfit, tight yellow gloves, and tight yellow boots. He seems to be a fumbling villain. He tried to pull down a statue with rope or trying to tie a shoe clerk up so he could rob the shoe store. In spite of his name, he isn't that good with rope, as in his first appearance when he is about to "take down" WordGirl and Captain Huggyface

Amazing Rope Guy from "Sidekicked to the Curb" by trying to "lasso" them up, he is unsuccessful, to which WordGirl replies that he's "not so amazing" at his rope skills. Amazing Rope Guy was mainly more of a minor villain in previous episodes, but he made his big break in the episode, "Oh, What a Tangled Knot You Tie, Amazing Rope Guy". The aforementioned episode reveals much more about Rope Guy than all of his brief cameos in other episodes. We discover that, even though he's not very good with rope, he's very good at impressions of other people, particularly other villains. Despite how the impressions seemed terrible, only Reginald could figure it out. In one episode, he even got "framed" by Violet.

He first appears in the beginning of the episode "Mr. Big’s Big Plan". His minor appearances include "Sidekicked to the Curb", when he was briefly assisted by The Whammer, and in "The Wrong Side of the Law" he was the only villain that did not get to run free while WordGirl was imprisoned. Most of his cameo appearances are not speaking parts and merely part of a crowd. He is one of the Whammer's former bosses.


  • The Amazing Rope Guy is voiced by Larry Murphy.

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