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 Amaru is the main antagonist in season three of the horror TV series From Dusk Till Dawn. Amaru is a immortal and very powerful goddess and demon. She is also the Queen of a realm known as Xibalba. She possesses Kate Fuller's body after she was killed by Carlos Madrigal and seeks to destroy everything, humans and celeburas (snake-like vampires) alike, and to open a gateway to Hell.

She is portrayed by Madison Davenport.


Amaru ruled Xibalba where the celubra Nine Lords of the Night originated from, When the lords left Xibalba and went to Earth, Amaru followed and tried to hunt them down but Amaru was lead into a trap and killed by the Nine Lords and they then consumed her body. Because her blood was so powerful, it was given to one of the lords Celestino Oculto who then used it to create Santa Sangre.

Season 2

In the seaon finale, she makes her first appearance in the series when she possesses Kate Fuller.

Season 3

She sends her minions, Calavera, The Skull Keeper, and Brasa to kill the remaining Nine Lords.

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