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Amanda Woodward is the main antagonist on Melrose Place. She was an advertising executive who owns WPK advertising. Amanda Woodward is not a person you would trust with your life in Melrose Place. Amanda is the daughter of Palmer Woodward and Hilary Michaels. She and her mother are estranged and she owns modeling agency called Models Inc. Amanda has the reputation having sex with a lot of hot guys who are unavailable and stealing them from their wives or girlfriends. She was once married to Peter Woodward, that didn't work out. But they had an ongoing affair sometimes. He was also married Kyle McBride, Rory Blake and Jake Parezi. She also had sex with Craig Field and Jake Hanson. She was married all the wrong guys who were jerks or made them jerks. She also had sex with a serial womanizer Michael Mancini. Trust me, Amanda is not a person should be trusted.

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