Amalia Etza and Levana are three female vampires and daughters of Cadrhal and Draven in the scare zone L'ântre des vampires|The Vampires Lairs at La Ronde. Amalia seem to be the queen of the vampires, she and her sister Etza and Levana are the only survivor since their parents death, Them and their minions who are giant vampire gargoyle scare the people who dare enter their zone. But they are also looking for a male victim to be the new king of the vampire, so for procession the gargoyle Etza and Levana go looking for a man for their sister Amalia, when they finally found the perfect man, they use their power of seduction and brought him to their sister who go to take him has husband. When the vampire procession start the man should stay on the throne and not leave during the process, when the new king is finally named the gargoyle and the sisters bow front of him, and when the new king finally leave he should bow front of his queen. But comparated to real vampires who died in the sun, These vampiress and their gargoyles didn't died in the sunrise, they are still alive and still looking for victims to make them become vampires.