Amalgam Kids

The Amalgam Kids are a group of children given alien powers by the Rooters.


The Amalgam Kids are a bunch of human children who were taken away to the Null Void by Proctor Servantis, who led them beleive that the Null Void was a place for outsiders to be in for amusement and ultimately as "summer camp". They were kept locked until Servantis found Kevin Levin. Using Kevin as a conductor, Servantis mutated Alan Manny Helen and Peirce with a Pyronite, a Tetramand, a Kcinerelan and Argit respectively. He then used them as his army of mutant children or "The Amalgam Kids". According to Kevin, Servantis used to make them do "nasty things" such as detonating an explolsive on the side of a prison wall. After various crimes, the children were ready to attack Ben using Kevin as the main weapon due to his Osmosian powers and their attack was called "The Ben 10 Hit Squad". The mission proved to be a failure due to Kevin absorbing the Omnitrix and going insane again, which forced the team to retreat. Frusterated at the Amalgams' failure, Servantis wipes out their memories to make them forget ever meeting the Rooters in the first place and disbanded them after Ben removed the Omnitrix. He also took pleasure out of giving Max false memories about having an alleged partner named Devin Levin to get him to watch over Kevin and the other Amalgams. The Amalgam Kids were reunited five years later when Servantis placed them under his control once more, but they disbanded for good after Kevin broke Servantis' loyalty neuro-matrix.

Notable Members

  • Kevin Levin
  • Alan Albright
  • Manny Armstrong
  • Helen Wheels
  • Peirce Wheels (deceased)
  • ==Appearances==
    • ===Ben 10 Omniverse===
      • The Rooters of All Evil (first appearence; flashback)
      • Weapon XI: Part 1
      • Weapon XI: Part 2
      • ==Etymology==

"Amalgam Kids" comes from the term "amalgam" meaning a mixture or alloy of mercury using mercury and other components. This is likely a reference to Servantis mutating the children with alien DNA and making them human/alien hybrids.