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Alvarez,Haverman and Rice

Alvarez,Haverman And Rice are the sinister villains from 1984 movie cloak & dagger. They are portayed by Eloy Casados,Tim Rossovich and Michael Murphy.


who smuggle to take the stolen government plans on the atari video game cartridge out of the country Heavily armed but inattentive spies, led by the Dr. Rice (Michael Murphy), chase Davey relentlessly as he flees across the city. The action moves from Davey's house, to a series of tour boats, to the Alamo. Along the way Davey manages to continually evade his pursuers with the aid and advice of the imaginary Jack Flack. However, along the way Davey's relationship with Flack becomes more strained as his own sense of morality and concern for his friend Kim collide with Flack's harsh methods and cavalier attitude. This comes to a head when Davey is cornered by Rice along the River Walk.

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