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Alpha Vampire offering Dean his blood

I am the son of Eve.
~ The Alpha Vampire
When your kind first huddled around the fire, I was the thing in the dark.
~ Alpha Vampire

The Alpha Vampire is an antagonist appearing in the TV series, Supernatural.

He was portrayed by Rick Worthy.



The Alpha Vampire (his actual name has yet to be revealed) was created or sired 30,000 years ago by Eve, the Mother of All, to bring about the end of humanity and the dominion of Earth by monsters. According to him, he was the thing humanity first feared in the dark, when they built caves and fires and hunted animals.

Later on, the Alpha Vampire sired more vampires by biting humans and infecting them with vampirism. Afterwards, humans began to fear vampires, yet as humans' survival and technology increased, they became skeptical of the existence of vampires, believing them all fiction, although few vampire sightings were reported even in modern times. The Alpha Vampire, however, remained in the shadows and adopted many young humans, turning them into vampires to continue his species.

Modern Times

The Alpha Vampire was first encountered by Dean Winchester and all other vampires in existence, when Dean was infected by another vampire. Afterwards, Dean received a telepathic message showing the Alpha Vampire, appearing as a middle-aged black man, crouching down beside him and instructing him to convert every living human to vampirism. The Alpha Vampire left Dean's mind and Dean saved himself from succumbing wholly to vampirism and cured himself.

Captured, Betrayed, and Sold to the King of Hell

The Alpha Vampire was captured and imprisoned by the demon Crowley and his henchmen. Crowley was seeking Purgatory; thus, he captured the Alpha Vampire, amongst many other Alphas and other normal monsters. Crowley asked the Alpha Vampire where the Gate of Purgatory was, but the Alpha wouldn't disclose the location. So Dean and Sam Winchester arrived, and the Alpha smiled upon meeting Dean, recognizing their former vampiric connection, and the Alpha said that all monsters, upon death, went to Purgatory, but still wouldn't disclose the location of the portal Crowley sought. The Alpha Vampire had been kept locked in Crowley's prison, yet he escaped.

Later, the Alpha Vampire had abducted a young human girl named Emily, saying that she was the most beautiful girl in the playground, and took her to a nest of vampires. One day, the vampires returned from an "easy hunt" and led three stoned humans in. However, upon killing the humans, the humans' blood had toxins in, thanks to the Leviathan's stoning toxins, which had been ingested into food and which, when consumed, made its consumer stoned. The toxin proved to be fatal to vampires, and all Emily's vampire guardians died immediately. Emily was left alone until the Winchesters showed up.


Dean and Sam rescued Emily, yet she revealed her allegiance to be with her "father", the Alpha Vampire, whom the Winchesters met. Dean decided to wisely put aside their differences and ask for a small sample of the Alpha Vampire's blood, which he needed to kill the Leviathan leader possessing Dick Roman. Initially, the Alpha Vampire didn't comply, because he was still angry at being betrayed and sold to Crowley. Yet, when the Leviathan second in command Edgar showed up and betrayed the Alpha, revealing the Leviathans' plan to kill every other monster too, the Alpha went insane and killed Edgar with Sam and Dean's help. Now temporary allies, the Alpha Vampire gave some of his blood to Dean, and mockingly said "see you next season."


Five years later, the Alpha Vampire returns when a large percentage of his vampires were killed because of the British Men of Letters starting a covert war all of the vampires in America. With the help of rogue hunter Pierce Moncrieff, the Alpha Vampire leads an attack on the British Men of Letters headquarters, killing two hunters and telling Mick Davies that he is going to make Mick call his bosses and declare their mission a failure before draining him live on camera. Sam and Mary Winchester arrive and Sam arms himself with the Colt which the Alpha Vampire claims to be immune to. Sam however sees through his bluff, knowing that if the Alpha Vampire was telling the truth, he'd have killed Sam already. Sam offers the Alpha Vampire a deal: if he leaves the Winchesters alone to return to the way things were, he can kill Mick and the Brits. Mick attacks Sam and Mary the Alpha Vampire at this, but both are easily defeated. Sam then reveals it was all a diversion so that Mick could slip Sam a bullet for the Colt which he then loaded as Mary distracted the Alpha Vampire. The Alpha Vampire admits that Sam is a "clever, clever boy" before Sam shoots him through the head with the Colt. As the Colt's power works on him, the Alpha Vampire laughs before collapsing to the ground, dead.