The Alpha Team, also known as the A-Team, are a trio that work for Dr. Z in Dinosaur King. The A-Team (or Alpha Trio) consists of Ursula, Zander and Ed, who usually try to capture the dinosaurs, but more often than not fail miserably.


Ursula: Ursula is the team leader of the A-Team, bossing the other two around like slaves and dislikes doing the work unless provoked, or if the other two are unable to fulfill the duty. She often summons Terry. Her running gag is her ability to hear the phrase "Old Lady" from anywhere in the world.

Zander: Zander is the one who pays for all the Alpha Trio's missions, as well as plans them. Oftentimes, though, the missions fail. He often summons Spiny.

Ed: Ed is not as smart as Ursula and Zander, and doesn't understand figures of speech, taking things rather quite literally. A running gag is that Ed jinxes the team, and is called out for that. He usually summons Tank.