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The Alpha Hug Wolf hugging an antelope.

The Alpha Hug Wolf is an antagonist in Adventure time. The Alpha Hug Wolf was introduced in the episode: "Hug Wolf". In the episode, the Alpha Hug Wolf hugs Finn, the main protagonist, during a full moon which turns him into a hug wolf. The Alpha Hug Wolf's true form is a female humanoid. At the very end of the episode, her head morphs into something similar to the Tree of Blight .


The Alpha Hug Wolf looks like a werewolf, but with heart-shaped hands, feet and purple fur. In the Alpha Hug Wolf's humanoid form, she has lavender skin and dark purple hair. She seems to wear lipstick. Unlike most characters, she has big, bright green eyes, maybe caused by the Tree Monster's poison. She wears a tattered brown dress.

Tumblr m43vhzWWzc1r3by8oo2 500

The Alpha Hug Wolf's true form.

Hug Wolf Finn

Finn as a hug wolf.


The Alpha Hug Wolf attacking Finn.

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