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The Alpha Girls are a trio of villainesses in Hayden and Diamond. They are among the most popular girls in Crown Town, and are the main opposers of Team Haymond whenever they play a villainous role.

However, at the 3rd season, they eventually turned to the side of good and remained like that for the remainder of the series.

The Members

The leader is Rosie Cooper, who is rich and is the most actively villainous and seen. Whenever the Alpha Girls act like villainesses, she is the one leading

The second member is Chloe, who is the only one without a surname. Not much is known about her.

The third member, and the last, is Lexis Byrne. She is a redheaded girl and the older sister of Rodney Byrne, making her the only member with a known family member from Team Haymond.

Villainous acts

  • Transformed Diamond into one of them.
  • Stealing tickts from Team Haymond at the arcade.
  • Insulted Team Haymond by calling them betas, servants and "gradation incarnated".
  • Got Helen in trouble and sent to detention.

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