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Aloysius O'hare

Full Name
Aloysius O'Hare
Mr. O'Hare, Shempy (referred to by The Nostalgia Critic)
The Lorax (2012)
Mayor of Thneedville
Powers / Skills
Power, cunning, scheming
Keeping Thneedville from being green and destroying plants, trees, and seeds
Destroy the Truffula seed
Type of Villain
Evil Mayor

You've got a beautiful town here, Ted! I can't think of any reason you'd want to leave town again. Ever.
~ Aloysius O'Hare to Ted Wiggins

Aloysius O'Hare is the main antagonist in the animated adaptation of The Lorax. He is voiced by Rob Riggle.

He is the mayor of Thneedville, who has no intention of leaving any traces of the Lorax's world. Taking unscrupulous advantage of the degenerating environmental conditions around Thneedville, O'Hare created a way to package and sell clean oxygen. Now he's rich and powerful, and has a stake in keeping Thneedville from being green.


As early as late teenhood, he got his money-making idea when he saw one of the billboard workers coughing on smog while wondering who will make "the next best thing" after the thneed factory had to shut down for good.

Years passed, and O'Hare made a fortune selling oxygen tanks for a machine he designed to keep the otherwise smoggy air fresh for Thneedville residents, but in order to sell what people used to get for free, O'Hare's air company went to great lengths to keep the locals from leaving town to prevent them from discovering an alternative (planting trees) to his bottled air. Because of that, a boy named Ted Wiggins made an enemy out of this so-called "elected hero" when the he tried to get a real tree so he could impress the girl of his dreams.

When Ted spoke for the trees (as though a part of the Lorax was within him) by tearing down the walls of the town to reveal the truth and showing the last tree seed as a start of many much-needed changes for the all-artificial town of Thneedville, O'Hare tried in vain to get the citizens on his own side, revealing his true nature in the process by threatening to fire his delivery man Ci and singing that the seed should die. For that, everyone saw O'Hare for the greedy scoundrel he really was, and they punished him by having him blasted off in a jet-helmet by his own henchmen. It is unknown what happened to O'Hare, but he most likely died in a crash.


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