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Allosaurus, as seen in Jurassic Fight Club.

Allosaurus is seen as an antagonist in several episodes of Jurassic Fight Club.

In episode four "Bloodiest Battle", a pack of three allosauruses was attracted by the scent of a stuck bull camarasaurus. The camarasaurus later crushes the head of the last allosaurus with its massive foot.

In episode six "Hunter Becomes Hunted", an allosaurus attacks and kills a pair of ceratosaurus mates.

During the episode"Bloodiest Battle" The pack of allosaurues attacked a mother and a juvenile stegosaurus, while a ceratosaurus was eating the juvenile alive. The ceratosaurus was later killed by a allosaurus who slams into it, lauching it into the air, and hits the ground killing it. After that, the juvenile later died of blood loss. One allosaurus died after the mother freed it's tail by having its tail spike hit the eye, stabbing the brain. Afterwards, the remaing allosauruses changed to the stuck bull camarasaurus which they weaken, but both fail to kill it.

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