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Allomon was a minor villain in Digimon Tamers.


Allomon is an Armor Level Digimon that looks like an Allosaurus. He has blue skin, red stripes on his neck, legs and back, and feathers on his head and neck.

Digimon Tamers

An Allomon Bio-emerged from the Digital World to the real world and started to attack the city. Rika and Renamon came and fought Allomon. At first Allomon had the advantage. Then Takato, Henry, Guilmon, and Terriermon came and wanted to help Rika and Renamon. Both of them refused and Renamon regain her strength. Rika then Digi-Modified Renamon, and she froze Allomon finish him off with a Diamond Storm, and load his data.


Allomon, as seen in the anime


  • Dino Burst
  • Dynamite Head


  • Allomon's rival is Tyrannomon
  • Allomon was armor-digivolved from Hawkmon

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