Alligators Sitting Ducks Cartoon
The Alligators serve as the main antagonists of Sitting Ducks, Lithograph and TV series.


The alligators hatch ducks in a "duck factory", and send them to Ducktown, where the ducks live an idyllic life, encouraged by billboards to fatten them up. The alligators then eat the ducks once they grow fat.  Eventually, one of the alligators befriended a duck who hatched prematurely in the duck factory, and eventually the alligator tells his duck friend about the truth and eventually the duck tells the other ducks about the sinister truth of Ducktown and so the ducks fly away from Ducktown with all the alligators mad except for the duck's alligator friend.

TV Series

Unlike the original lithograph the alligators did not own a "duck factory" and their city is named Swampwood though they still retain most of their proprietorial instinct from the original lithograph and unlike the original lithograph Ducktown is not own by the alligators and that they don't fattan the ducks up like the original lithograph.