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Kate Persky
Allie is a creepy obsessive superfan who stalks Grojband. She may seem very loyal to them, but as seen in the episode "Group Hug," she would hold Grojband captive forever in their own home along with her sidekick Kate.


Allie is a short little girl with blonde hair that she wears in a ponytail. She has big eyes with eyelashes and a black shirt with he Grojband logo on it. She wears red pants and black shoes.


Kate and Allie both are Grojband obsessed fan girls who will risk their lives to help out with the band. The are obsessed with the band and will bathe and grieve over them in awe toward their pure rock legend.

Ahead of our own Tone

Allie had started witking for Sparklebrain are part of her evil robot army and did her evil deeds for her such as trying to destroy Grojband. However, she was mind controlled while doing this.

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