Allentown Boys are the secondary antagonists of the 2016 film Keanu. They are a pair of assassinations who ruthlessly murdered their enemies include Keanu's owner who is a drug lord.


Smoke and Oil Dresden , a pair of assassins known as the "Allentown Boys", enter a drugs-processing facility run by a Mexican drug cartel and kill everyone inside, including the gang's leader King Diaz and take Diaz's cat Iglesias before the cat escaped from them and finds refuge in Rell's house. Rell eventually raised the cat which renamed him as Keanu. Cheddar's thugs raided the house and abducted Keanu whom Cheedar raised him as New Jack.

because their resemblance of  Smoke and Oil Dresden , Rell and his cousin Clarence were mistaken by Cheddar and find themselves for being abducted by Allentown Boys