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Allen Gregory

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If no one believes I made a sex tape with the principal, then how the hell am I going to have any friends?
~ Allen Gregory

Allen Gregory De Longpre (also known as Allen Gregory) is the main character in the short-lived FOX animated series, Allen Gregory.

He was voiced by the show's creator Jonah Hill.

He is a pretentious, egocentric, impatient, selfish, greedy, conniving, unmerciful, manipulative, uncaring, and spoiled brat who was raised by his two gay fathers. As a result of spending most of his life in Private school, he finds it excruciatingly difficult to get along with the other kids and adapt to the lifestyle of the typical everyday child. He even lusts for the School's 60-year-old Principal, once even trying to make a sex tape with her.

Due to his nature, he is currently one of the most hated characters on television, which is why the show was canceled so quick.