240px-Ff Alkilith
The Alkilith is among the demons that disgust and terrify. These shapeless horrors are used by demon lords for assignments in areas that most demons would hesitate to travel to, for alkiliths can survive and even thrive in the most chaotic and hellish and unlivable areas of the Abyss. They are corruption and pollution made hatefully alive, making it easy to understand why they're feared by much of demonkind. Tales claim the alkilith has no limit to its size—travelers of the planes have spoken of alkiliths the size of lakes in the deepest reaches of the Abyss.

Alkiliths are shivering messes of phosphorescent green corruption surrounded by cracked, leathery coatings, always oozing, secreting, thickening, and breaking open, with dark eye-globes covering their bodies. They are usually the size of a regular human, but they have been known to be able to shape their bodies to fit in cracks that are as small as one inch wide.