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Funny. This isn't the way it was supposed to turn out. Oh well. Too bad.
~ Alita Tiala exposed
Alita Tiala
 is an antagonist in the second case of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, and was responsible for the murder of the doctor Pal Meraktis, whom she once worked as a nurse alongside. She was the fiancé of Apollo's defendant during the case, Wocky Kitaki, and attempted to cover up her involvement in a failed operation on Wocky to extract a precarious bullet near his heart.


During the operation, Meraktis found difficulty in removing the bullet. Meraktis and Tiala both agreed not to tell the Kitaki family about the failure. They told the family the operation had been successful, while locking the real report inside a safe in Meraktis's office. Shortly after, Tiala proposed to Wocky in order to gain all of his inheritance the moment he died from the wound.

Six months later, however, Wocky was still alive, and a health checkup revealed that the bullet was still in his chest. Enraged, Wocky took a pistol from the family stash and was ready to give Meraktis "a taste of his own medicine." At one point, however, Tiala managed to get the gun away from Wocky and went to see Meraktis herself.

Tiala threatened Meraktis with the pistol, telling him to open the safe and give her the medical report so she could dispose of it. She knew that if the Kitakis saw the report with her name on it, her plan would fail.

Meraktis opened the safe, but then suddenly turned on Tiala, tackling her. She managed to get a shot off, but it missed and impacted the inside of the safe. Meraktis then strangled her with the cord from a lamp on his desk, causing her to black out. In a panic, Meraktis assumed that he had killed Tiala, and prepared to dispose of her "body" by throwing it in a nearby river.

When she awoke, she was in Guy Eldoon's noodle cart, which Meraktis had stolen after his car failed to start. She heard Wocky and Meraktis talking, and realized that Meraktis was about to reveal that she was in on the plot. She quickly grabbed the pistol that was in the cart with her, aimed, and fired, shooting Meraktis in the head and silencing him permanently.

Tiala heard running, then silence. Leaving the pistol in the cart, she got out and made her escape, throwing the clinic slippers she was wearing into the trashcan when she stepped in a mess of paint caused by Meraktis's earlier hit-and-run on Phoenix Wright.

When she heard that Wocky was arrested for Meraktis's murder, she went and hired rookie attorney Apollo Justice, believing that he would fail miserably and get Wocky convicted.

Desperate to protect herself, Tiala would later break into the Meraktis Clinic again to try to get the Medical Report from the safe. However, Justice and Trucy Wright heard her, and broke into the office, forcing Tiala to flee once again. She then offered herself as a witness in a last-ditch attempt to use her testimony to get Wocky convicted. This failed, however, as Justice ensured that she was exposed as the real killer and even the prosecutor took his side.

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