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Take care of yourself Ratchet!
~ Alister's last words before sacrificing himself to save the universe from being ripped

Alister Azimuth is the hidden anti-villain and final boss of Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time. Formerly a revered Lombax leader, he was banished from his clan for giving Lombax technology to Emperor Percival Tachyon, who would one day become Polaris Galaxy's ruler. It became Azimuth's goal to seek the Great Clock and change the past to save the Lombaxes from destruction.


Azimuth possessed the usual characteristics of a Lombax, including long ears and a tail. Compared to Ratchet, he was taller and far more muscular. The color of his fur differed as well - he had light gray fur with red-brown stripes and black eyebrows. Azimuth's eyes were yellow with brown irises and he also had a short beard on either side of his jaw. In addition, he wore Praetorian Guard armor with plates on the shoulders and chest. The chest plate in particular had a symbol on it, much like Ratchet's armor.


Azimuth was a hardened war veteran and a powerful fighter who could backflip and jump distances Ratchet would not be able to cross without a Meteor Pad or versa-target. His hoverboots were far superior to Ratchet's, enabling greater speed and farther jumps. His close-combat skills combined with his Praetorian OmniWrench made him a deadly adversary, and he was also able to attack from long distances with energy blasts from his wrench.


  • Despite Azimuth being the final boss, the Big Bad of the game is still Dr. Nefarious.


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