W, Y, and Z

From left to right, Z (left), W (center), and Y (right)

Four aliens serve as the main antagonists in the Mexican animated sequel Katy, Kiki y Koko. The three aliens (W,Y, and Z) with colored eyes have no mouths while the other (X) is on a quest to stun creatures and eat them alive. This is the only life for aliens to live.


W, Y, and Z

W, Y, and Z are the aliens who watch X capture the creatures from the forest. They plan a command to capture all creatures and then eat them during the start of the sequel. They also hear X on a large "TV screen" in the spaceship to see what X is doing in Earth. W (voiced by Eduardo Liñán) has red eyes, Y (voiced by Carlos De Pavia) has yellow eyes, and Z (voiced by Paco Reséndez) has blue eyes. All three aliens are very upset that the mission to capture creatures in the forest has failed. They, along with X, leave Planet Earth.


See Alien X for more information about this antagonist.