The Aliens are an unnamed extraterrestrial species from the 1993 film Fire in the Sky which is based on the alleged true alien abduction experienced by a logger called Travis Walton.


In the film Travis Walton encountered the aliens on board their ship after being abducted by them in Arizona's White mountains. What he first encountered where spacesuits woarn by the aliens and soon after he encountered the creatures himself and was dragged on an operating table where different objects were inserted in his mouth, neck and eye while they covered him with a tight and sticky sheet. They later released him after five days. The Aliens's are shown to have very small eyes and a bald head and are completely naked, they also seem to posses spacesuits although only one of the creatures is seen wearing one with two eye cavities wich resemble the usual big black eyes that the Greys are commonly described having. The ship seems to blend technology with organic matter, this is supported in the scene where Travis wakes up in a kind of organic criogenic sack