The Aliens act as the titular antagonists of the extremely gory comedy-horror, Evil Aliens - made in a splatter style similar to Evil Dead, Braindead and other "video nasty" type horror comedies.. the Aliens themselves are an example of Demonic Aliens in popular culture as they are far more malevolent than any normal species would be, to the point of being Satanic by humanity's general moral standards.

The Aliens began their rampage by abducting two hapless humans, violently killing the male via an anal probe and forcibly impregnating the woman with an alien before releasing her, sparking a UFO investigation team to come and check out the claims.

However the UFO investigators are actually more akin to reality show producers and don't really care about any "real" abductions, instead they want to make things exciting and try to sensationalize what they believe is simply a good story.

Things go horribly wrong when the Aliens return and show that they are far from fictional and go on a bloody rampage as the humans themselves fight back - resulting in a massive amount of blood, gore and profanity from both the Alien invaders and the humans themselves as each side takes heavy casualties.