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Alien Robot Girls were the robots, who were created by Preserver to work for Lobo as girlfriends in Superman: The Animated Series.


Superman: The Main Man

When Lobo was captured by Preserver, he was put in the camera. Preserver tried to make nice things for him, so he could be happy, and robots-girls are one of these details. But Lobo wasn't happy to sit in the prison, so he tried to escape, but robots-girls used their special sleeping gas, which would make Lobo sleep.

But when Superman had escaped, Lobo woke up and he was saking Superman to get out. Superman was disagreed started to walk away. But then Lobo became mad and shouting on Superman, robot-girls activated again and tried to make his sleep again. Lobo was almost sleeping, but he said to Superman that if he will not free him, Lobo will destroy the Earth. Superman didn't want it, so he made Lobo free. Robot girls used their gas again, but Lobo broke them apart.

Powers and Abilities

They are activating only when their inmate becomes mad, and then they are opening their big mouths and there are sleeping gas is coming out to make prisoner sleep. Except of that, they can be useful servants.


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