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You must find a way to stop them! You must defeat the aliens and save the island!
~ Narrator to Naughty

The Alien Bears are extraterrestrial teddy bears and villains in Naughty Bear.

Sunbeam gazes at the stars in the night sky through his telescope when he finds an alien spaceship. He beckons to them in hopes of starting a friendship. His plan backfires and the Alien Bears invade the island, placing all of its inhabitants under mind control. They are led by Emperor Xoon.


For the most part, the Alien Bears are the standard alien enemies, coming out with guns and enslaving all those come across to their mind control. In addition to punishing Sunbeam for his idiocy, Naughty Bear also has to contend with the alien menace. He ultimately succeeds, taking down them and their Emperor and saving the island.

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