Alien Baltan are popular antagonists in the Ultraman franchise. They are a race of arthropod aliens from the planet Baltan who have attempted to attack Earth several times.



After their planet was destroyed by their Nuclear testing, they Alien Baltans began searching for a new world to live on, shrinking down to microscopic size and traveling through Space. When their gravitational thrusters malfunctioned, the Baltans landed on Earth for repairs. However, the Baltans quickly realized that the planet was suitable for them to live on, and they began working to conquer it.

A single normal-sized Baltan infiltrated a science base to searched for parts to repair the ship, freezing anyone who got in its way. The Science Patrol began investigating, and Arashi was frozen by the Baltan. Ide attempted to communicate with the Baltan, who possessed Arashi's body to speak with him and Hayata. The Baltan explained his plans to the two Science Patrol members, refusing to coexist with humanity before growing gigantic and leaving to destroy the city.

The army attempted to combat the Baltan with missiles but they were no match. However, Ultraman arrived and engaged the Baltan in a dogfight. Ultraman managed to knock off the Baltan's left claw before finishing it off with a Specium Ray. Ultraman then revealed the Baltan's cloaked ship, carried it away from Earth and destroyed it with the Specium Ray, thwarting the Baltan's first invasion.

The Baltans were revealed to have retreated to Planet R in episode 16. The Baltans eventually formulated a new plan to attack Earth. When the spaceship Ohtori visited Venus with Professor Mohri, an Alien Baltan took control of the Professor’s body and mind. However, while the Science Patrol was out in space, the Baltans attacked Earth.

Ultraman used up a lot of his energy to teleport back to the Earth to stop the Baltan invasion force. Upon his arrival, the Baltans combined into a giant Baltan and attacked him. The Baltans initially had an advantage in the fight due to their Speruken Shield, which blocked and reflected Ultraman's attacks, but Ultraman was able to destroy it with his X-Ray eye beams. Ultraman then used an Ultra Slash to bisect the giant Baltan.

Alien Mefilas later created a third Alien Baltan with his ship to scare the humans off Earth, dubbed Alien Baltan III. This Baltan later disappeared with no explanation.

Andros Melos

One of Juda's minions was a cybernetically enhanced Baltan named Mecha Baltan. Mecha Baltan fought the Andros Warriors alongside Juda and Zabiden, and was eventually defeated.

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie

An Alien Baltan appeared as a member of the Belial Army.