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Alien is a protagonist villain of 2012 film Spring Breakers. He is arguably the true main antagonist of the film, as he is the one who causes the girls to go completely over the edge (although Brit, Cotty and Candy were already villains).

He was played by James Franco who also played New Goblin (Spider-Man Films) and Gator Bodine. He is also a drug dealer and gangster villain.Template:Info Box



He was friends with Big Arch for drug dealing and stealing their weapons until they fall out each other. Alien hosting a spring break party in beach-side concert which four friends reticently robbed the bank of money and attended it . Police raided and arrested people include girls and Alien's henchmen, Alien watched the girls in the count when they forced to pay without the money which left Alien impressed and bailed them of jail but one of girls - Faith quit after she seeing Alien's bad influence on her friends.


  • Alien is a unique character in that he is not the main antagonist, but not all too much of a protagonist villain either.