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With you it is different! You're the No More Hero! Show me your passion! Release me from this cycle! Free us all in a crimson sea!
~ Alice Twilight before confronting Travis Touchdown

Alice Twilight, also known as Alice Moonlight, is the 2nd ranked assassin in No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle.

No More Heroes 2

When Travis finally reaches Alice, she asks Travis why are they killing, and why that all these assassin compete in these games when they wind up killing each other. She's sick and tired of the assassination scene and wishes to find out how Travis was able to leave. She's fights with a six-limbed jet-pack notably called the ASURA-6 , each one of them has a beam kitana and one of them is a giant robotic tail. Her death was very emotional to Travis, driving him to the breaking point.

No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise

Alice, along with several other bosses from No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, appears as an optional boss. She fight roughly the same in as in the prievious boss fight.


Her personality is nothing like the other assassins, she is basically a combination between Holly Summers and Henry being extremely honorable and willing to face death at any circumstance. Her personality is extremely calm and her fight skills are extrodinary.


  • The UAA misinforms Alice's surname to be "Moonlight," when in this is the surname of Margaret.
  • In the cutscene before the fight, Alice can be seen burning a small pile of photos that she was holding. The photos reveal that Alice and Margaret once knew each other and might have even been related, or real close friend, which might explain why Alice's surname was described as "Moonlight".
  • The Autarch of Flame did a Top 25 No More Heroes bosses and Alice Twilight was ranked #1 because of the symbolisum, the fight, and her personality.
  • Her battle theme Subuta.1 was also praised by Peanut3423 being very emotional.
  • She appears briefly in the first trailer.
  • Alice's hair is very similar to Marluxia in the Kingdom Hearts Series.