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Alice Noone was a minor villain in the TV series Sons of Anarchy who had a small but intensely memorable role in Season 6 episode "Sweet and Vaded".

Alice Noone is Venus van Dam's (real name Vincent) evil matriarch. When Vincent was still a child, her mother, unbeknownst to him, had drugged and raped him several times and from there it grew into a child porn ring. During the events of the series, Alice kidnaps Venus's son, Joey and intends to do him the same that he did to his son several years before.

After SAMCRO invades Alice's house in an attempt to rescue Joey, Alice starts throwing vicious insults towards his son, claiming that Joey is going to commit suicide later on after finding out the truth about his transsexual father. Jax is so disgusted by her foul words that he shoots her in the head in mid-sentence, killing her. Even Charlie Barosky, a corrupted cop, was disgusted by her atrocities that he would have killed her personally if he had a chance.