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Alice Miller is a villain in Gundam: 08 MS Team : "Miller's Report". She's an Earth Federation investigator. She uses a combination of inhaled and ingested drugs to form a truth serum on Shiro Amada, sending him into a trance. Alice Miller records her conversation with Shiro Amada. She used it against him. Later, she tells Shiro a story about trusting the enemy and the enemy killed them.

At the end, Alice pointed her gun at Shiro when he has different views about the war. Shiro tells Alice about the story that Alice told him about the enemy trusting the other enemy and the enemy killed them at the end was her. She killed the enemy when the enemy trusted her. Alice is shocked. When the 08th team back up Shiro, Alice wasn't pleased and she wanted to kill Shiro, but missed. Alice tells Shiro that he made an enemy to the world. Alice see Shiro and the 08 team head out on their mission.

After the war, Shiro survived and he got to be with the woman he loved. Alice's words are defeated.

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